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 Properties for Sale or Rent

Are you interested in purchasing a new home for you and your family? Or maybe you’re an investor looking for your next investment property. Either way, Monarque Advisory is here to help!

Home Eligible Loan Program

Monarque Advisory's home loan program may provide a solution for potential homeowners who may not have the traditional mortgage profile because the program has much more flexibility when qualifying homeowners whose credit history, income, employment history, savings history, or property value are below average.

Job Training

Work is Especially Important for Young Adults. Having a job as a youth or young adult is a predictor of long-term work success. Having a job has also been related to improved self-esteem, self-efficacy, and life satisfaction.  We Provide young adults the opportunity to build a career in the construction industry, getting on-the-job training while revitalizing homes in their community.

Property Management

Managing the properties that we have grown attached to during their transformations would also ensure that the right like-minded tenants are in place and are cared for as we continue revitalizing the community.

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