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About Us

Monarque Advisory's mission is to take unproductive and overlooked buildings and homes in the undeserved communities, and turn them into hubs that address economic, education and health disparities creating stability within undeserved communities through housing opportunities .  We also provide apprenticeship opportunities and on the job training for the underrepresented in the construction industry.



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Properties for Sale or Rent

Are you interested in purchasing a new home for you and your family? Or maybe you’re an investor looking for your next investment property. Either way, Monarque Advisory is here to help!

Job Training Initiative

  Provides on-the-job construction training and educational opportunities for women and Black and Indigenous People of Color.

Property Management

Managing the properties that we have grown attached to during its transformation would also ensure that the right like minded tenants are in place and cared for to help continue in our efforts of revitalizing the community.

Home Eligible Loan Program

H.E.L.P provides a solution for potential homeowners who may not have the traditional mortgage profile because the program has much more flexibility when qualifying homeowners.

Reach Your Goals


Jason (investor)

"Monarque exceeded my expectation with your professionalism, hard work and passion to make a difference in the community. Hands down my go to contractors."

Making a difference in the community


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Email:  /  Tel: 816-665-5433/816-674-4378  

Thanks for helping us try to make a difference!

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